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2lbs fresh chicken livers (washed)

4-5 medium shallots, peeled and sliced

3-4 garlic cloves, sliced thin

6-8 Thyme sprigs

salt and pepper

¼ lb butter

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (enough to cover bottom of pan)

1/4 Cup Madeira, brandy or cognac


Serve with:

crème fraiche

your favorite jam

crusty baguette, sliced thin and toasted



1. Lay fresh chicken livers on a tea towel to help soak up moisture. Salt and Pepper livers to assist in drawing moisture out of the liver adding a layer of flavor. May need to be done in batches so you don't over crowd the pan.

2. Heat a Large sauté pan.  Get it very Hot!. Put enough cooking oil like an Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend in the bottom of the pan just to cover.  Place chicken livers in pan and allow to form a hard sear, all over.  Don't cook all the way through, or you will end up with a dry pate.

3. While your livers are searing, thinly slice shallots and garlic.  The thinner you slice them the faster they will sweat down to a tender consistency.

4. Take livers out of the pan and sweat down shallots and garlic add a couple sprigs of thyme salt and pepper

5. Once the shallots and garlic are tender add all the livers back into your pan.  Add Madeira and 2 heaping TBSP of butter.   Allow butter to melt and Madeira reduce by a 1/4.

6.  Place in refrigerator to cool completely.  Then pick out thyme sprigs and toss away.

7. In a food processor, place livers shallots and garlic with 2 MORE TBSP of BUTTER and puree until smooth.  This may also need to be done in batches. If you are doing it in batches, add 2 TBSP of butter in each batch.

8. You shouldn't need to adjust seasoning because you did it with each step. But just in case, taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. 


Serve with a jam of your choosing and crème fraiche on toasted baguette