Are you like many busy New Yorker's on the endless Seamless cycle because you don't have time to grocery shop and prepare healthy home made meals for yourself (and your family!)?

Chef Megan has the answer!  She will come to your home one or two days a week and prepare home made meals for you and your family.   What this means for you is more time to spend with your family, friends and loved ones without sacrificing your health and overall nutrition! 

This sounds great! How to I get started? 

To begin, Chef will set up a FREE consultation to discuss your personal food preferences, health goals and dietary needs (are you going gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian or just like to eat local problem-o!).  

She will then discuss your food storage preferences (glass or plastic, fridge or freezer), review your kitchen equipment ( you have a pot or pan?) and any other logistical requirements (keys, doorman...does fido get food scraps?) All of this is to ensure non-disruptive food preparation in your home is achieved.  If any equipment is needed to be purchased it will be noted at this time.  

Okay, that sounds cool.  What happens on the first day? 

A few days before the first scheduled cooking day, Chef will send you the week's menu for review.  If you would like to make any changes to the menu, it can be done at that time. 

Chef will purchase all groceries, pantry items, and any kitchen equipment needed to get you started right!   

Chef will then prepare, store, label all meals for you to enjoy!  She will also clean up the kitchen and leave it in the condition it was found.  

No mound of dishes for you to clean! 

Okay, got it.  How will things work after day one?

Each week on the designated cooking day(s), Chef will come to your home, prepare your meals specified to your personal needs and tastes. Aside from the amazing foods left for you to eat, you will never know she was there. 

She will continue to send menu's a few day's prior to your scheduled cooking day for review and purchase all groceries needed to ensure effortless, healthy, home made eating at home for you!